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Consta Yoga

Studio Classes

Try a dynamic class that incorporates core functional exercise with vinyasa flow worked at a pace that stimulates your body and calms your mind. Each practice is infused with a combination of mindfulness, breathing and loving kindness techniques.

Consta Yoga

Personalised Programs

As a specialist yoga practitioner I develop programs aimed at healing the body and mind from trauma, injury and illness. I work in all forms of rehabilitation to aid clients to find balance and strength in themselves to deal with their life circumstances.

Consta Yoga


I have lectured on all major topics of yoga from Patanjali, to Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Hatha Yoga Pradipka and history. I present talks with lightness and humour in a narrative that is grounded in modern psychology and relevant to the issues that we find ourselves in daily life.

An integral yoga practice is not just about making the body strong but also about gaining insight into the nature of our mind and becoming free of its need to grasp what is always outside of us.

About Consta

Consta Yoga

I was first introduced to yoga in 1989 and started attending classes regularly in Newcastle at the Satyananda school. Nearly 30 years later I’m still going and just as passionate about the practice as ever.


My greatest teaching inspiration has been my students, some of whom I have been with for nearly two decades, as our bodies have changed, so has the practice. I studied with Dena Kingsberg for eight years, where I was fortunate enough to spend five of those as an apprentice. This gave me a depth of practice that I will always be grateful for.


As a specialist practitioner I worked for 15 years in yoga therapy at The Sanctuary Byron Bay a one to one therapeutic retreat that I co founded in 2004. Here, surrounded by a team of integrated professionals, I specialised in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction and other mental health issues. After thousands of clinic hours I have developed a wealth of knowledge working with a wide range of conditions such as people recovering from anxiety and depression to chronic pain.


For more than a decade I have nourished and deepened my practice further by participating in regular annual insight meditation retreats and immersing myself in the teachings of the Dharma.

Class Timetable

Consta Yoga

After 28 years of practice and teaching I am announcing that all of my classes at the Yellow Church Mullumbimby will cease as from the 22nd of November

My Method

Consta Yoga

Whether working in a class studio setting or a one to one environment I have learnt over the many years of teaching how to read individuals so as to work them at a pace that feels stimulating and at the same time comfortable.


My aim is to create a flow of movement and breath that circulates energy in a harmonious manner. Ultimately the exercises we perform in a session are about tonifying the nervous system that leaves the mind calm and settled. I create an environment that gives up striving to achieve something that is always beyond us but is life affirming and accepting of change in a compassionate and open way.


If you choose to work with me you will meet my not just the accumulated knowledge I have gathered over years of personal and professional practice but my honesty, compassion and humour.